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Throughout its history, Dearborn County has been blessed with strong volunteer leadership from the community. These volunteers have been instrumental in the planned growth and development of the community and in the resolution of community problems.

The Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati believe it is important to provide a training ground for individuals with leadership potential so the community will continue to have a pool of informed, skilled, committed citizens; citizens capable of understanding community problems, interpreting the facts, and influencing decisions based on those facts.

The program has been designed to ensure the tradition of strong volunteer leadership in the Dearborn County area continues.  The program enables business and industry to prepare a limited number of committed citizens each year to assume responsible voluntary leadership positions with non-profit agencies, civic groups, and citizen organizations within the community.  Participants are expected to seek out volunteer opportunities and involvement during their program participation. The United Way and Chamber staffs will be happy to assist with volunteer placement.

For employers, this program offers a cost effective and local opportunity to provide leadership and management training to employees. This program offers dozens of hours of training that will be invaluable to your future managers and is a real incentive to show your staff you are investing in them and their future.

Leadership Dearborn has not been designed to prepare people for elective office although elected officials could certainly benefit from the knowledge gained through participation.

Leadership Dearborn acquaints participants with a broad spectrum of civic problems; the workings of local government; the challenges facing the community; and the role individuals can play in solving community problems.  The insight gained from the program will help graduates select areas for personal civic involvement by exposing them to opportunities for meaningful participation.

General Information

Leadership Dearborn is a series of class sessions, generally two hours in length, held throughout the year as scheduled.  The class time consists of presentations by expert speakers involved in their field and followed by open discussion following the presentation.  Class time may also include two-minute introductions of program participants and/or project presentations as well as other discussions as pertinent.

In addition to the Leadership class sessions, the program includes other required avenues of learning. These additional areas include field trips; attending government meetings, chamber events and a non-profit board meeting; and completing a special project with an oral presentation.

Leadership Dearborn participants who have successfully completed all phases of the program are honored at the Chamber Annual Dinner.  This banquet is held in November and was included in the registration fee for the program.  Spouses and employers are welcome to attend with costs and details to be provided.

Leadership Dearborn County Staff

The Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Greater Cincinnati sponsors Leadership Dearborn County.  The program is developed and organized by a volunteer committee along with Chamber staff, which prepares all materials and develops the curriculum.

The “faculty” consists of tri-county community leaders who volunteer their time to share their expertise with participants.

2018 Leadership Dearborn Schedule

March 1st

Kickoff @ Get Energized!

1: March 6th


Project Description

2: April 10thth

Emotional Intelligence

3: May 8th

Meyers Briggs/Leadership Styles

4: May 29th

Government Site Visit

Elected official introduction

5: June 12th

Strategic Planning/Running a Business

6: July 10th

Board Responsibilities

Board Bank

7: August 14th

Manufacturing Site Visit

Workforce Development

8: September11th

Effective Communication

Crucial Conversations

9: October 16th

Public Speaking

10: November 8th

Chamber Dinner

Project Presentation

11. November 13th

Financial Literacy

12: December 18th

Community Leader Roundtable

Q&A Panel

13: January 8th, 2019

Wrap Up







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