What is Dearborn County Young Professionals?
DCYP is a professional networking organization for young leaders in the Southeast Indiana business community.

Why was DCYP formed?
Our organization was formed in 2009 to create an environment in which young professionals could meet, develop relationships, friendships, and learn from each other.

What types of events does DCYP sponsor?
AIM YP attempts to hold monthly events focused in one of three programming areas: networking, education or social. For more information on DCYP programming, keep an eye on the news or calendar on the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce website.

Is DCYP affiliated with a national organization?
No, DCYP is not affiliated with a national organization. The organization was founded by young professionals in Dearborn County and is governed by the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals committee. It is truly an entrepreneurial organization!

What are the age limitations for DCYP?
As we like to say, youth is not a number, it is a state of mind! DCYP does not have established age guidelines or limitations. However, our programming is most relevant to young business professionals between 21 and 4​5 years of age.

Do I have to live in Dearborn County to join DCYP?
Not necessarily. ​​​You can live, work, or have gone to school in Dearborn County. If you haven’t done any of that, but just want to network with our young professionals you are certainly welcome. We want to be inclusive, not exclusive.

I am not responsible for business development, so why is professional networking important to me?
Even if you are not aspiring to a position that is responsible for business development, the connections and education DCYP provides will serve you well throughout your career. Additionally, DCYP is not just about business. Many of our members use the organization to build lifelong friendships or just meet other professionals in the community. At DCYP, we like to have fun!

How do I join DCYP and what is the cost?
There is no fee or dues necessary to join DCYP if you are the owner or employee of a Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce member business. Employees of non-chamber member businesses can join for $35 annually, which can be purchased here. You can also pay in-person by cash or check at most DCYP events. You’ll find a calendar of upcoming events here.

What do funds generated by DCYP support?
DCYP membership dues, sponsorships, donations, and funds raised fund our programming expenses, allow us to provide support to other area organizations, and help fund our Dearborn County Future Leaders Scholarship that we have for the county’s three high schools.

I’ve joined as a member. How can I get more involved with DCYP?
Firstly, we encourage you to attend our events regularly and get to know your fellow members as well as the members of the DCYP Committee. Events are organized by our volunteer committee, and they often need help in planning and coordinating. In the event that you are a member and are interested in volunteering to assist in planning our events, please email us at dcyp@dearborncountychamber.org.

Additional Questions?
Email us at dearborncountyyp@gmail.com

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