Dearborn County Young Professionals

As a member of DCYP, you have the opportunity to participate in Southeast Indiana’s leading networking organization for young professionals. Our events are fun, educational, and provide an opportunity for you to meet and connect with young professionals from many different walks of life. The majority of our events will continue to be open to both members and non-members, as DCYP consistently strives to remain inclusive, not exclusive. However, we believe each new member increases the strength of DCYP as a whole. We are dedicated to promoting success in local businesses and the next generation of professionals.

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Our Activities

Volunteer Opportunities
Scholarship Fundraisers
Professional Enhancement & Networking
Youth Mentoring
Golf Outings


You might be asking “What’s in it for me?” Check out the benefits:

Leadership – Take on roles and responsibilities as a leader and play a role in the
development of future local leaders.

Activism – Like-minded individuals pursuing best practices and cutting edge

Social – Come to our events and meet young active professionals having fun,
making new friends and building relationships.

Community – Motivation and support to help the community thrive.

Professional – Refining individual efforts, practices, and skills. Being a DCYP
member looks great on a resume!

Work – Help us build a better DCYP for the future.

Involvement – Working on committees and volunteering in the community.

Future – Positioning to achieve your goals.

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