The Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce is a fiscally secure organization that serves as a resource center for its members and the community. It views itself as striving to have a profound and positive impact on its members that work collaboratively with others to make the community the “perfect place” to live, play, work and establishing itself as a true “partner in business”.

PURPOSE/Core Values:
The Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce is a Business-to-Business networking partnership, consisting of individuals, businesses, government officials and civic organizations.

Membership provides the opportunity to grow and prosper through efforts of a Board of Directors and Staff committed to putting its members first by providing excellence in service and innovation, with integrity and confidentiality.

The Dearborn County Chamber’s mission is to promote, inform, educate and assist members to improve and grow their business, thus making our community a vital part of the local, regional and state economy.

To enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in Dearborn County through economic development, redevelopment, advocacy and services that help businesses prosper and grow.

Office EntranceAt the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce our driving goals are to improve the economic environment for all those in the county, provide educational opportunities for our business owners and help build economic networks throughout the community. Our focus is on helping our members grow their businesses and in turn, helping the entire economy of Dearborn County.

Spread the Word about Dearborn County 

The Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce want the help of Dearborn business people and residents.

We want you to Spread the Word about Dearborn County.

What word?  The good news story we have to tell about why Dearborn County is such a great place to live, work, play and do business … and especially to locate a business.

And to whom?  People you know or meet casually.  People you encounter in the business day or at a social gathering.  Friends and family members.  Everybody.

And why should you do this?  Because business growth — aka economic development — is important if our community is to move forward and keep pace in the years to come.  When that happens, the positive growth that benefits all segments of our community takes place.

Growth doesn’t mean smoke stacks, more traffic congestion and the loss of our rural character.

Growth means a stronger tax base to provide the governmental services we all want and need … with more commercial and industrial support of local taxes, residents will bear a smaller portion.

Growth means the kind of jobs that will reduce the need for 60 percent of our residents to leave the county every day to go to work.

Growth means a better quality of life … schools, shopping, housing, recreational opportunities, medical care.

We are eager to get calls from businesses interested in locating in Dearborn County … 812/537-0814.  We are working to Spread the Word to businesses and those who influence business location decisions.  But we also know from experience that inquiries can come from chance meetings and conversations, and that’s where you come in.

The Chamber is promoting this “Spread the Word” campaign and asking local residents to be more pro-active in sharing all that is good about life and doing business in Dearborn County.

We have a great story to tell about Dearborn County’s attractiveness as a location for business.  Exit 16 is on the I-275 beltway, close to Cincinnati’s western suburbs, just 25 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and two exits from the airport.  Indiana’s tax structure, workers compensation rates and incentives compare very favorably to neighboring states.  Local and Indiana state governments are very business friendly.   New businesses will be attractive to the county’s current workforce … sixty percent of residents leave the county every day to go to work.  A new company’s current workforce will find the commute to Dearborn an easy one, and some employees may want to consider relocating.

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