Back on Track Begins May 4th

On Friday, May 1st Governor Holcomb announced the plan for reopening Indiana. As part of the five stage plan we are entering stage 2 today (May 4th). Above you can see what that means for you and your business. We will remain in stage 2 through May 23rd as long as we continue to meet CDC recommended thresholds. You can find more information and a detailed explanation of the stages and the thresholds at

While stage 2 does allow for more commerce, we would also like to point out that social distancing guidelines are still in place and also the Governor and his team have advised those who can work from home to continue to do so. The road map laid out is a best case scenario and anything we can do to keep the state on track to a more complete opening the first week of July we should do so. The governor has also recommended masks for anyone out in public, particularly in situations where maintaining social distancing is difficult (shopping, etc.).

The Chamber of Commerce will continue hosting remote meetings, trainings and networking opportunities in lieu of in person events while we are in stage 2. We will revisit this policy on the 23rd of May.

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