Young Professionals

AIM Young Professionals of Dearborn County

Dedicated to promoting success in local business and the next generation of professionals.

Mission Statement

Serving as a catalyst organization to retain and attract young professionals to the Greater Dearborn County area through engagement,
opportunity and advocacy.

Our Activities 

  • Monthly Social Mixers
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Local Organizations
  • Scholarship Fundraisers
  • Professional Enhancement
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Annual Golf Outing
  • Annual Pub Crawl
  • Plus Lots More


 Dues are just $25 a year, payable on our website or by cash or check at any AIM YP event.

As a member of AIM YP, you have the opportunity to participate in southeast Indiana's leading networking organization for young professionals. Our events are fun, educational, and provide an opportunity for you to meet and connect with young professionals from many different walks of life. The majority of our events will continue to be open to non-members, as AIM YP consistently strives to remain inclusive, not exclusive. We believe each new member increases the strength of AIM YP as a whole.

Annual dues are only $25 per member who is an employee of a business belonging to the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce. Employees of non-chamber member businesses are asked to pay $35 for dues annually.

You might be asking "What's in it for me?" Check out the benefits:

Leadership - Take on roles and responsibilities as a leader and play a role in the development of future local leaders.
Activism - Like-minded individuals pursuing best practices and cutting edge ideas.
Social - Come to our events and meet young active professionals having fun, making new friends and building relationships.
Community - Motivation and support to help the community thrive.
Professional - Refining individual efforts, practices, and skills. Being an AIM YP member looks great on a resume!
Work - Help us build a better AIM YP for the future.
Involvement - Working on committees and volunteering in the community.
Future - Positioning to achieve your goals.

What is AIM YP?
AIM YP stands for Achieve, Inspire, Mentor Young Professionals. AIM YP is a professional networking organization for young leaders in the southeast Indiana business community.

Why was AIM YP formed?
AIM YP was formed to create an environment in which young professionals could meet, develop relationships, friendships, and learn from each other.

What types of events does AIM YP sponsor?
AIM YP attempts to hold monthly events focused in one of three programming areas: networking, education or social. For more information on AIM YP programming, visit the about page.

Is AIM YP affiliated with a national organization?
No, AIM YP is not affiliated with a national organization. AIM YP was founded by young professionals in Dearborn County and is governed by its Advisory Board. It is truly an entrepreneurial organization!

What are the age limitations for AIM YP?
As we like to say, youth is not a number, it is a state of mind! AIM YP does not have established age guidelines or limitations. However, our programming is most relevant to young business professionals between 21 and 45 years of age.

Do I have to live in Dearborn County to join AIM YP?
Not necessarily. You can live, work, or have gone to school in Dearborn County. If you haven't done any of that, but just want to network with our young professionals you are certainly welcome. We want to be inclusive, not exclusive.

I am not responsible for business development, so why is professional networking important to me?
Even if you are not aspiring to a position that is responsible for business development, the connections and education AIM YP provides will serve you well throughout your career. Additionally, AIM YP is not just about business. Many of our members use the organization to build lifelong friendships or just meet other professionals in the community. At AIM YP, we like to have fun!

How do I join AIM YP and what is the cost?
Annual membership dues are $25 per person for employees of a business that is a member of the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce. Employees of non-chamber member business can join for $35 annually. Chamber members can purchase a one-year membership on this website      
What do my membership dues fund?
AIM YP membership dues fund programming expenses and help fund our scholarship that we have for 3 schools in the area. By taking advantage of membership rates at events, our members can easily recoup their dues over the course of the year.

I’ve joined as a member. How can I get more involved with AIM YP?
Firstly, we encourage you to attend our events regularly and get to know your fellow members as well as the members of the Board. Events are organized by our volunteer Board of Directors, and they often need help in planning and coordinating. In the event that you are a member and are interested in volunteering to assist in planning our events, please email us at

Additional Questions?
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