Get Energized with Duke Energy and FC Cincinnati

Get Energized! w/ Duke Energy
March 1st
11:30 – 1pm
Dearborn Country Club
Aurora, IN

Chamber to Host Annual Luncheon On the Economic Future of Dearborn County

A representative of FC Cincinnati will keynote, speaking to their plans for regional involvement

The biggest regional sports news lately has not involved the usual suspects, instead the buzz in the tri-state region is all about FC Cincinnati and the prospects of big time professional soccer.

Join us on Thursday, March 1st to hear from Jeff Smith, a Vice President with FC Cincinnati. We’ll hear about the future of soccer here in the tri-state, a history of the club and gain some insight into the exciting world of professional sports.

Space is limited so register today by calling the Chamber at 812-537-0814 or registering online here!

Thank you to Duke Energy for their continued support of this fantastic event to kick off another great year of business in Dearborn County!

Week In Business 2/9/18

If you were in a Super Bowl haze all week, here’s what you missed:

Good luck to Nick Goepper in South Korea! He’ll compete on February 18th.

Goepper will go for gold in men’s ski slopestyle competition on Sunday, February 18. If you want to catch the competition live on television, and not on your DVR, you’ll have to stay up until about 12:11 a.m. Eastern Time that day. Watch on NBC or

Goepper earned bronze at his first winter games in Russia in 2014. Ski slopestyle was new to the Olympics that year.

Former Chamber board Chairman (and current board member) bought a historic fixer-upper in Ohio County

With a clear understanding of the true scale of work, in December the Speakman House’s owners agreed to sell the property to Mark Banschback of nearby Dearborn County, who will use the house as an office, residence, and community gathering place.

Banschbach owns Top Quality Building Products, Inc. and has decades of experience in residential and commercial development. With partner Guinevere Emery, he expects to operate Banschbach Properties, a property management company, on-site.

It will soon be easier to get to Austin to listen to some great music thanks to new routes out of CVG

Delta is adding two warm weather destinations at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport.

The airline announced Monday it will soon begin service to Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Flights from CVG to Austin will begin May 1. Flights will run daily with the exception of Saturdays.

Service to Phoenix will run daily beginning November 4.

Indiana is slowly inching towards considering medical marijuana legalization 

Two bills are passing through the legislature that are intended to, in one, legalize CBD for all Hoosiers and, in another, support the hemp industry which is currently under tight controls limited to research. House Bill 1137, authored by Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, intends to start the process in opening industrial hemp production. The bill authorizes the Indiana Department of Agriculture to set up a program to study industrial hemp and its products, including CBD. The bill also eliminates the state registry, created last session, for patients with epilepsy who are prescribed CBD.

“This issue gets more and more exciting as we move along,” Lucas said. “We’re seeing more momentum pick up for the hemp industry and the CBD issue here in Indiana that hopefully will be resolved very shortly.”

This week, House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, was asked about the CBD bills, as well as his view on Sunday alcohol sales, and said, “I think policymakers have spoken clearly on both of these issues that these are things Hoosiers want, these are things that policymakers want.”

Study shows rural Indiana is struggling to retain youths 

Hicks said Indiana doesn’t struggle as much to keep its residents, but attract people from out of the state. The country is full of people who would want to move from a big city to a small town, he said, especially creative people who can work remotely. But, they want to confidently know that their children will receive a good education and that their home doesn’t depreciate in value.

Towns and cities that focus on their amenities tend to lure in more residents, Hicks said.

“Don’t worry so much about growing your economy, worry about making your place something that people would like to live in, and it would grow on its own,” Hicks said.

Hicks also has some interesting thoughts on growing the local economy

Most places in Indiana should entirely eliminate economic growth as a public policy goal. That’s right—most of Indiana’s counties, cities and town should abandon economic or even population growth as a realistic policy goal. The demographic trend is already set, and more than half of Indiana’s counties will continue to lose population throughout this century.

Instead, today’s economic development policy ought simply to focus on making life better for residents who have chosen to remain. These people need great schools, yet most don’t really have them. These residents need safe communities, some sort of recreational activities and a thrifty and responsible local government. They don’t need speculative buildings, fancy makerspaces or tax abatements granted on all new businesses. Those are the policies of the desperate, uninformed and unimaginative.

This new strategy is not a surrender to inevitable decline. Rather, it is a recognition that growth will someday return to much of Indiana, and the places that enjoy that growth first will be the ones with the best schools, the cleanest neighborhoods and the most efficient local governments. Those will be the places people wish to live. The places that ignore these fundamentals will remain in decline for decades to come.

Bosma: Major changes to state workforce system likely must wait

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma said Tuesday that lawmakers, despite proclaiming that revamping the state’s workforce development efforts was their major issue this year, wouldn’t tackle the majority of needed changes to the system until next year.

His comments came a day after the Indiana House passed a workforce development bill that didn’t go as far as he and other advocates wanted in terms of fully retooling the system.

“I think we’re teeing it up for a major retooling next year,” Bosma told reporters.

That is likely to frustrate some advocates in the business community who believe lawmakers have toiled long enough on the workforce development system, making incremental changes year after year.

How the opioid crisis and child poverty are hurting Southeast Indiana kids

Every Southeast Indiana county in our region saw an increase in the number of opioid overdose deaths between 2013 and 2016, according to the report.

Dearborn and Ripley counties saw their child abuse and neglect rates increase during that time, too.

Dearborn County went from 10.1 cases of substantiated abuse or neglect for every 1,000 children in 2013 to 24.9 substantiated cases for every 1,000 children in 2016.

Ripley County went from 11.5 cases of substantiated abuse or neglect for every 1,000 children in 2013 to 18.9 substantiated cases for every 1,000 children in 2016.

And across all four counties, there were more children living with a foster parent in 2016 than in 2013.

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy your free time, pitchers and catchers report on Monday!

Liberty Tax presents on New Tax Bill

Thank you to Cynthia Stafford, tax expert at Liberty Tax, for the informative and entertaining talk on the implications of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs act. We had a nice turnout and a great discussion. We’ll be hosting another AM workshop in April, stay tuned for more information!



Click here to see handouts related to the workshop!

February 5, 2018 Weekly Update

Time for another weekly update from the Chamber of Commerce!

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Week In Business 2/2/18

In case you were too busy growing your business to read the news, here’s what you missed:


February 8th at the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce Tax Workshop Breakfast. Join us as we host Liberty Tax Service to help inform and guide us through the ever changing maze that is the US Federal Tax Code. The workshop will begin at 8:30am at the Depot Room in the Lawrenceburg Public Library. Light breakfast will be served. This event is free for Chamber members and their employees ($10 for non members).


According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the state’s jobless rate remains lower than the national rate of 4.1 percent.

With the exception of one month, Indiana’s unemployment rate has been at or under the national rate for the last four years.


It’s a certainty now. Southeastern Indiana’s Nick Goepper will be making a return trip to the Winter Olympics.

The Hidden Valley Lake native qualified for his second winter games at the U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain in California on Sunday. Although he finished only eighth in the men’s ski slopestyle final, he was the best-placing American at the event.

“Yes, I felt like I was still going to be in my prime and skiing well and going to another games and hopefully another one after this. Nice to meet​ my goals,” Goepper said afterward.

Goepper, who learned to ski at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, was the bronze medalist at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. He’ll head to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea in February.

House Passes Bill To Codify Dearborn County Riverboat Revenue Sharing

Casino tax revenue sharing in Dearborn County would be protected under a bill that has passed the Indiana House.

Last year, Dearborn County Council considered seizing revenue sharing payments to local communities including the cities of Greendale and Aurora, as well as the towns of Dillsboro, Moores Hill, St. Leon, and West Harrison. Some council members cited a State Board of Accounts audit which determined the county 1997 resolution establishing the revenue sharing was not in line with state law.

The threat of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual funding didn’t sit well with the city and town officials.

Although local leaders put the issue on hold last summer, state lawmakers took notice of the quarreling. This legislative session, State Representative Randy Frye (R-Greensburg) filed House Bill 1027 to address the problem.

“The State Board of Accounts has pointed out – several times, I understand – there is nothing in statute that makes that legal. It’s not a huge thing. Nobody got a big fine. Nobody went to jail, or anything like that. But they suggested that we solve it. So, I went to the State Board of Accounts and asked them to write the language that would resolve the issue,” Frye explained on Eagle Country 99.3 this week.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment When Your Company Is Too Small to Have HR

The subject of sexual misconduct at work is dominating mainstream conversation and board room agendas. This doesn’t just mean men and women who run large global enterprises, Fortune 500 behemoths, film studios, and media platforms. The conversation is happening in small businesses as well.

In the U.S. 43% of employees work in organizations with 50 or fewer people. It would be a mistake to think that a smaller workforce means a decreased chance of sexual harassment. In fact, a few characteristics make small firms more susceptible.

For example, at a smaller firm, people may engage with each other more frequently and that proximity can make the impact of any harassment feel disproportionately large. It can be extremely disruptive if two out of twenty employees suddenly can’t work together and need to be separated. And the legal and punitive costs of sexual harassment cases can feel steeper to a firm with less money and fewer resources…

Why the Pessimists Are Wrong About the New U.S. Tax Law

While economists could see how that would lead to increased capital inflows to the United States and therefore to higher real wages, that was lost on the broader public. But the reduced withholding that will begin in the first part of 2018 will send a clearer signal to most taxpayers that they do benefit from the recent reform. Over time, rising productivity will induce firms to raise wages to attract and retain employees. Over time the current skeptics will see that the tax reform is better than they now think.

House panel advances ‘hillbilly venture capital’ legislation

House Bill 1319, authored by Rep. Martin Carbaugh, R-Fort Wayne, would allow payday lenders to offer so-called unsecured consumer installment loans, which are three-month to one-year loans in amounts ranging from $605.01 to $1,500.

The monthly payment requirement would be no more than 20 percent of a borrower’s gross monthly income, and lender would be restricted to making one loan to a borrower at a time. Carbaugh said the product would “help people build credit.”

“These are folks that can’t get credit from a traditional bank,” Carbaugh. “These are folks that a lot of times have emergencies pop up and need help.” Rep. Mike Speedy, R-Indianapolis, said the loans could be “very crucial to small businessmen who have bad credit.”

Batesville school concept could go statewide

A year ago, Batesville Community Schools Superintendent Paul Ketcham and State Rep. Robert Behning discussed ways the southeastern Indiana district partners with businesses to prepare students to join the workforce.

They focused on expanding Batesville’s model to the rest of the state.

On Tuesday, the men brought the idea to the Indiana House Education Committee with hopes of implementing programs to reach students beyond Batesville’s rural area and going into urban districts.

“Our goal is to expand and maximize our co-op and work-based experiences so that high school students can earn college credit and work towards obtaining an associate’s degree or TGEC, transfer general education core,” said Ketcham.

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the big game…or at least the commercials!

Tax Workshop On Impact of 2017 Legislation

Chamber to Host Breakfast Workshop on Impact of New Tax Bill

Liberty Tax Service to present on impact of 2017 tax bill

By now you have probably heard that Congress passed a significant overhaul of the United States tax code at the end of 2017. It will have a huge impact on both personal and corporate finances. You likely know that it will have some impact on you, but do you know what impact it will have on your business? Do you know how best to take advantage of the changes to allow you to invest more into growing your company? Will this have an impact on employee benefits? Should you make any significant changes as a result?!

These questions and more will be answered on February 8th at the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce Tax Workshop Breakfast. Join us as we host Liberty Tax Service to help inform and guide us through the ever changing maze that is the US Federal Tax Code. The workshop will begin at 8:30am at the Depot Room in the Lawrenceburg Public Library. Light breakfast will be served. This event is free for Chamber members and their employees ($10 for non members).

Tax Bill Workshop

Thursday February 8th @ 8:30am

Lawrenceburg Public Library

Depot Room


Space is limited so register today by calling the Chamber at 812-537-0814 or registering online at Thank you to Liberty Tax Services for their participation!

United Way and CoC Announce Leadership Dearborn 2018

Enrollment now open for the second year of the professional development program

We are excited to announce that enrollment in the second Leadership Dearborn class is now open! We kicked this program off last year and graduated 12 new leaders here in Dearborn County. It was a fantastic inaugural class. They met a number of local leaders, participated in non-profits and were integral in the formation of a new county-wide workforce development initiative! This year we are bringing it back and focusing on adding to the professionalism and structure of Leadership Dearborn.

The structure of the program will be a 10 month workshop which meets at least once a month to focus on different aspects of leadership. The future leaders will take part in 60-90 minute seminars focused on various pertinent topics ( ex. How to manage/coach, Delegation, Project Management, Performance Reviews, Communication skills, etc.) Another focus will be non-profit participation. Exploring what various organizations do, how to get nominated to and participate in a Board of Directors, meeting with local governments to find out about projects and participation in steering committees. Lastly time will be spent with local business leaders in order to learn the economic drivers of Dearborn County. Additionally throughout the course the class will be working together on a project of their choosing to solve a problem they identify that will help Dearborn County. We will recognize them and their progress at the Chamber Annual Dinner in November.

The cost of the course will remain $450 for the year. This includes ten months of leadership training and a Myers-Briggs personality type indicator for the participant as well as recognition of your organization for sponsoring that individual.

Registration will close on February 28th. We will be announcing the participants on March 1st at the annual Get Energized luncheon and the first class will take place on March 13th. Classes will generally take place the second Tuesday of every month from 11:30 – 1. To enroll call the Chamber at 812-537-0814 or the United Way at 812-537-2009.


2018 Letter From the President


Earlier in January, the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, a diverse group of dedicated business and community leaders, spent a full day discussing the future of the Chamber, the county and the region. We discussed what the direction of the organization should be over the next few years to make sure we are focused on issues important to our members and programs that help the overall economy grow. It was a fantastic day and really energized the board and staff to make 2018 a year of exceptional prosperity in Dearborn County.

2017 was an important year for the Chamber of Commerce. We implemented a promising new Leadership program in partnership with the United Way, invested in the future of the organization through a brand and website refresh, had strong positive impacts regionally through business advocacy and increased overall attendance at our premier events.

One of the larger focuses in 2017 was Leadership Dearborn, a new program started in partnership with the United Way. Both organizations realized the need to identify and promote new leaders and came together in late 2016 to build the program. It was launched in March of 2017 with 11 participants who all completed the course in December, participating in 10 classes including workshops, study sessions and project work sessions. They were an integral part in developing and promoting a new Second Chance workforce initiative meant to help drug offenders get back on their feet. The two organizations are in the process of matching the participants with local organizations and committees, as all have expressed an interest in maintaining an active presence in the community. The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive (including some smart suggestions as to how to grow Leadership Dearborn in 2018 and beyond) and the United Way and Chamber are excited to refine and perfect the program. We are actively seeking participants and it will launch once again at Get Energized on March 2nd.

The Chamber worked with Beinkemper Creative Services to create a new logo that highlights the location, progress and strength of Dearborn County and with Absolute Web Design to build a brand new website ( that will allow us to be more interactive, informative and timely with all of the information important to your business and the regional business community. You can expect a more expanded presence from the Chamber in the form of video series, a continually updated news stream and even more educational opportunities. We are dedicated to being the online hub for businesses in Dearborn County.

The Chamber has also been active in a number of regional groups focused on workforce development and transportation issues. The Chamber meets monthly with the EcO Region 9 Manufacturing Guidance Team. Over the past two years this group has focused on identifying priorities and programs that will help with local workforce development, specifically dedicating large chunks of time to the Indiana SkillUp Grant. In 2017, the group was able to apply for and receive nearly $2m which went towards programs aimed at showing high school students, teachers and parents the value and viability of careers in manufacturing (among other programs). We will learn about the status of our 2018 application shortly. Additionally the Chamber worked with the Tri-State Chamber Alliance and the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments on transportation and logistical issues. The Chamber also spent considerable time assisting municipalities and the county with local issues and events as requested, on behalf of the business community. There are some truly exciting local initiatives currently in the planning phases that we are excited to be lending assistance to, including Aurora’s 200th birthday and the relaunch of the Dearborn County high school business plan competition.

Dearborn County is poised for tremendous growth over the next few years. We are seeing it already. Excitement over the fourth port, Amazon’s expansion at CVG and just a generally healthy economy have our employers excited about their prospects going forward. The community has continued its strong run of collaboration and coming together to tackle important issues and to take advantage of these opportunities and the Chamber of Commerce is proud to advocate for the business community in these discussions.

In the coming year the Chamber will continue to focus on strengthening the economy of our community. As the largest business membership organization in Southeast Indiana the Chamber is committed to being the voice of our members in the Tri-State. We continue to work with organizations and elected officials at the local, regional and state levels to promote a business friendly environment that will assist continued growth and prosperity. We also plan to expand our educational and networking opportunities. The Chamber will be hosting a number of exciting workshops, starting with a seminar on the impact of the new tax bill on your business on February 8th, and events focused on increasing member engagement and providing new network building opportunities. In 2018 we will continue to promote, inform, educate and advocate for our members and help grow their businesses and  in turn grow our regional economy.

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